Cookies are files that contain small data fragments such as username and password which are exchanged between the computer or mobile phones of the user and the web server to identify certain users and improve browsing experience of those users.

They are used to store information when the user accessed various pages of a website or mobile application or when that user revisited the website or mobile application later.

There are two types of cookies used on our websites as Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies.

Session cookies are used only when you are browsing our website. They are stored on the Random Access Memory and never written on the hard drive. When the session ends, session cookies are deleted. They also assist functioning of the “back” button or third party anonymisation extensions. Those extensions are designed for running certain browsers and help protecting user privacy.

Persistent cookies used on our websites remain on a computer forever, but most of them have an expiration date and they are removed on that date. Expiration dates of such information are declared on VERBİS (Data Controllers Registry Information System) system and are also included in the Policy.

Persistent cookies are used for two main purposes:

  • Authentication: Those cookies track whether a user logged in or not and with which name the used has logged in. They also save login information for users not to memorize site passwords.

  • Tracking: Those cookies track multiple visits to our websites in time. For example, they track users’ visits and the pages and products visited using the cookies. That information allows suggesting other products that the visitors might be interested in.

Websites of our subsidiaries are given below:

Liberty Hotels

Sundia By Liberty

Liberty Lykia

Liberty Fabay

Liberty Lara

Sundia Exclusive By Liberty Fethiye

Sundia By Liberty Ölüdeniz

Sundia by Liberty Suncity

Ramada Resort By Wyndham Kuşadası & Golf

Ramada Hotel & Suite By Wyndham Kuşadası

Liberty Lykia Adults Only

Liberty Golf & Resort Kuşadası

Liberty Signa

Whatever your preferences are, your browser allows you to delete cookie data from your device anytime you want. Steps to manage and delete cookies that we offer to you are different in each browser. These steps are explained in your browser’s help menu. Please remember to configure all browsers on your different devices (tablets, smart phones, computers, etc.). Steps for managing cookies in most popular browsers are given below:

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