A quiet, peaceful, quality, and simple holiday in nature.
Located in the heart of Ölüdeniz, which is an iconic location to discover all the beauty of nature,
Sundia By Liberty Suncity invites you to a privileged holiday adventure.
Would you like to participate in a family-friendly atmosphere,
fun activities for children, romantic venues for couples,
and a visual feast where green and architecture dance at
Sundia Suncity situated only 150 meters from Belcekız Beach?


Sundia by Liberty Suncity´s 4 different room types meet the elegance of nature. Here, the chirping of birds will accompany your calm and peaceful holiday.


Swimming Pool & Beach

You can have the privilege of having a pleasant time in Ölüdeniz´s largest pool or enjoy the turquoise waters of Ölüdeniz at Sundia By Liberty Suncity Beach. Experience nature´s claim at Sundia By Liberty Suncity Beach, which was awarded the blue flag for its unique location, seaside sun loungers, wooden pavilions, and lodges.

You can evaluate the organization options offered by our hotel not only for your holiday but also for your most special days such as weddings, anniversaries, special days, and birthdays.


Restaurant & Bars

Sundia Suncity´s 4 different restaurants and bars offer its guests unforgettable food and beverage experiences with their unique tastes and warm atmosphere. The flavors prepared with natural ingredients at Sundia Suncity will leave unforgettable marks on your palate.



Located at the world´s most magnificent paragliding track, Sundia Suncity brings together everyone, from children to couples, from travelers to young people, with exciting activities. Many options are available at Sundia Suncity, from water sports on the beach to sunbathing on the private lagoon beach, from entertainment by the pool to activities at the kids club...


Fethiye, which fascinates those who see it with its deep blue sea, lush forests, and ancient ruins, is one of the first options for a peaceful holiday. Hosting thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, Fethiye draws attention with its population that almost double especially during the summer season. Fethiye has a long list of activities to do as it is one of the first choices of those looking for a peaceful holiday. If you have not had a Fethiye holiday before and want your holiday to be fun, you can review the activities we have compiled for you and, thanks to it, benefit from the list of Places to Visit in Fethiye.


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